Certified Security Penetration Tester


Brit Certifications and Assessments (BCAA) is a leading UK based certification body. This CB is formed to address the gap in the industry in IT and IT Security sector. The certification body leads in IT security and IT certifications, and in particular doing it with highly pragmatic way.


BCAA UK works in hub and spoke model across the world.



R A C E Framework


The Read - Act - Certify - Engage framework from Brit Certifications and Assessments is a comprehensive approach designed to guarantee optimal studying, preparation, examination, and post-exam activities. By adhering to this structured process, individuals can be assured of mastering the subject matter effectively.



Commencing with the "Read" phase, learners are encouraged to extensively peruse course materials and gain a thorough understanding of the content at hand. This initial step sets the foundation for success by equipping candidates with essential knowledge and insights related to their chosen field.


Moving on to the "Act" stage, students actively apply their newfound expertise through practical exercises and real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience allows them to develop crucial problem-solving skills while reinforcing theoretical concepts.


“Certify” stage is where you will take your examination and get certified to establish yourself in the industry. Now “Engage” is the stage in which BCAA partner, will engage you in Webinars, Mock audits, and Group Discussions. This will enable you to keep abreast of your knowledge and build your competence.




This course is a preparatory course for aspirants wanting to enter the security testing domain. This 30 hours of foundation is equivalent to so called international certifications. This is a 100% practical training as well.




1. Information Gathering and Enumeration
• dnsrecon
• dnsenum
• fierce
• lbd
• wafw00f
• netdiscover
• fping
• nping
• hping3
• spiderfoot
• onesixtyone
• snmp-check
• sslscan
• dmitry
• ike-scan
• recon-ng - mastering
• nmap – mastering
• theHarvester
• swak
• smbmap


2. Vulnerability Analyses
• Nikto
• Zap
• Burpsuite
• Greenb
• Nessus
• Skipfish
• Wpscan
• Legion
• sqlmap


3. Password Cracking
• hydra
• John
• ncrack
• mimikatz


4. Exploitation AkA Testing
• Mastering Metasploit


5. Reporting
Duration: 30 hours
Mode: Online




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