Febraury 2024

1. Auditing for threat intelligence under ISO27001

2. Incident Notification in the Context of Data Privacy

3. How to approach for ISO27001 Audit?

4. Qualities of an Information Security Auditor

5. How to Draft a ISO27001 Audit Plan

6. How to Perform a ISO27001 Audit?

7. What is Audit Preparation in ISO27001?

8. What is Audit Criteria in ISO27001?

9. Tips for Conducting a ISO27001 Audit

10. What is a Opening Meeting in ISO27001?

11. What is a Closing Meeting in ISO27001?

12. Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its Role in Management Systems

13. Roles and Responsibilities of Data Protection Officer

14. How to Audit Interested Parties Expectations?

15. Step-by-Step Guide to DevSecOps Professional Certification Training?

16. Essential Skills for a Certified Security Penetration Tester

17. How to Become an ISO42001 Lead Implementer?

18. The Role and Importance of a Certified Data Protection Officer

January 2024

1. Informed consent in Data Protection

2. Are You a Certified Security Penetration Tester?

3. Exploring the Benefits of Becoming a Certified Data Protection Officer

4. How to Find the Right DevSecOps Professional Training Program

December 2023

1. How to Prepare for DevSecOps Professional Training?

2. The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Security Penetration Tester

3. When Is the Right Time to Become an Information Security Risk Officer?

4. Access Control under ISO27001

5. Asset Management under ISO27001

6. Business and Information Security Continuity under ISO27001

7. Communications Management

8. Cryptography

9. Development and Support Processes

10. How to Perform ISO27001 Audits

11. Human Resources Security

12. Incident Management – Responsibilities and Procedures

13. Information Security Policy and Scope

14. ISO27001 Audit: The Complete Guide

15. ISO42001 : Artificial Intelligence Management System

16. Data Mapping in Data protection

17. Data Fiduciary in DPDP Act

18. Record of processing activities in Data Protection

November 2023

1. Certified DevOps Professional Training: What You Need to Know

2. How to Become a Certified Information Security Risk Officer?

3. Why Should You Hire a Security Penetration Tester?

4. CDPO - Conditions for collection and processing - Data Privacy

5. CDPO - Conditions for Collection and Processing - PII Processors

6. CDPO - Conditions for Collection and Processing

7. CDPO - Obligations to PII principals – PII Controllers

8. CDPO - Obligations to PII principals – PII Processors

9. CDPO - PII Sharing, Transfer, And Disclosure – PII Processers

10. CDPO - PII Sharing, Transfer, And Disclosure – PII Controllers

11. CDPO - Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default – PII Processors

12. CDPO - Privacy by design and privacy by default – PII Controllers

13. CDPO - Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default

October 2023

1. Introduction to ISO27001 Audit

2. Types of Non-Conformities in ISO27001

3. How to Maximize Your ISO Certification Benefits

4. How to Prepare for Data Protection Officer Training

September 2023

1. Understanding the Importance of Data Flow Diagrams in Data Protection Impact Analysis

2. Understanding the Five Elements of Consent Under Data Protection: A Comprehensive Guide

3. The Ultimate Guide to Data Protection: Everything You Need to Know

4. Unlocking Professional Success: 7 Benefits of Learning ISO22301 Lead Implementer from Brit Certifications and Assessments

5. Understanding the Basics: What is Data Identification, Reidentification, and Deidentification?

6. What are the Best Practices for Data Protection Officer Training?

7. What Exactly is ISO Certified? And Why Does It Matter?

8. Understanding the Importance of Establishing the Context in ISO27001: A Comprehensive Guide

9. Bridging the Gap: How to Identify and Address Expectations from Interested Parties in ISO27001

10. Regulatory Bodies and ISO27001: Meeting Compliance Expectations

11. The Importance of Scoping in ISO27001 Implementation: A Comprehensive Guide

12. The Role of Leadership in Implementing ISO27001: A Guide for Effective Information Security Management

13. Unlocking Success: How the Leadership Team Drives ISO27001 Compliance

14. Why Certified Data Protection Officer from BCAA UK will be the best certification program

15. Why Setting Clear Expectations with Interested Parties is Crucial for ISO27001 Success

16. Unlocking Success: 7 Steps to Achieve Continuous Improvement in ISO27001:2022

17. A Comprehensive Guide: How to Perform Internal Audit in ISO27001:2022

18. A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing Information Security Risk Management in ISO27001:2022

19. A Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting a Successful Management Review in ISO27001:2022

20. A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Performance Evaluation in ISO27001:2022

21. Demystifying Operational Planning and Control in ISO27001:2022: A Comprehensive Guide

22. KSA’s Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL)

23. Mastering Information Security Risk Assessment in ISO27001: Key Steps and Best Practices

24. Navigating Nonconformity: A Guide to Managing ISO27001:2022 Corrective Actions

26. Step-by-Step Guide: How to Address Risks and Leverage Opportunities in ISO27001

27. Step-by-Step Guide: How to Integrate Threat Intelligence into Your ISO27001 Framework

28. The Key Role of Planning in Successful ISO27001 Implementation

29. Understanding the Importance of Information Security Risk Treatment Plans in ISO27001

30. Understanding the Importance of the Statement of Applicability in ISO27001:2022

August 2023

1. Step-by-Step Procedure: How to Ensure GDPR Compliance in any Organization

2. Understanding Incentivized Disclosure: A Critical Aspect of GDPR Compliance

3. A Step-by-Step Guide to Filling the Security Risk Register for ISO27001 Implementation

4. Step-by-Step Guide: Conducting a Comprehensive Business Impact Analysis and Its Crucial Role in BCMS

5. Understanding the Transparency Principle: A Key Element of GDPR Explained

6. Understanding Fairness in GDPR Processing: A Comprehensive Guide

7. Demystifying GDPR: How Lawfulness Affects Ecommerce Businesses

8. Safeguarding Personal Data: Exploring the Benefits of a Comprehensive Data Protection Impact Analysis

9. Key Factors Determining the Timing of Privacy Impact Assessments in GDPR

10. Understanding GDPR Penalties: A Comprehensive Guide for Organizations

11. Beyond GDPR: Exploring the Principle of Data Minimisation and Its Legal Ramifications

12. GDPR Penalties and How do they impact the Organization

13.How the Right to Data Portability Empowers Individuals

14. Understanding the Lawfulness Principle in GDPR: A Guide for Businesses

15. Unlocking Career Growth: How Joining Brit Certifications and Assessments DPO Training Will Maximize Your Potential

16. Business Continuity Management System

17. Quantitative Risk Analysis - Information Security Approach

18. Six Principles of GDPR

19. Data Protection Officer - Lead your organization for Data Protection

20. ISO27001 Lead Implementer Training

21. A Comprehensive Guide to ISO Training

22. Protecting Your Business and Customers: How data protection officer training Creates a Secure Environment

23. How to Become a Certified Data Protection Officer?